#HearHerRoar is a charity campaign that celebrates the brave stories of domestic abuse survivors from across the UK, and uses their collective voices to change the stories that keep abusers in power and victims and survivors silent. 

In the summer of 2021, I dedicated 200+ volunteering hours to Woman United, assisting with storytelling research and workshop-building, video production, and crowdfunding support for #HearHerRoar.



Sharing your story is crucial when you’re building an audience, a following, and asking them to support your fundraising efforts.

​I worked with founder Stephanie Pollak to share the real, hard and vulnerable truth of why and how she started the charity, and why she needs help. 

Ultimately the Crowdfunder campaign would go beyond its £30,000 target, which enabled the charity to launch a series of in-person workshops the following year.


From petitioning to change domestic abuse law and helping midwives care even better for women in abusive relationships, to educating the general public on how trauma bonding prevents victims from 'just leaving'. 

These workshops teach survivors to turn their story into a powerful speech for change in their community.

"Roxy you were my rock and gave me the strength to speak what's on my heart. I'm forever grateful to you and your sparkly energy!"

Eve, #HearHerRoar workshop 2022


An impact story can show your audiences not only what you do, but also how you do it and the impact that it has on those engaged with it. Grab a box of tissues and allow yourself to witness the transformational storytelling journeys of Flo, Eve, and Ruth.

"I can't get over this video, it's unreal! I will treasure it for ever and ever. What an honour to be part of this."

Flo, #HearHerRoar workshop 2022